Zhucheng Anoky Machinery Co., Ltd.

Welcome to Zhucheng Anoky Machinery Co., Ltd.! Main: clean vegetable processing lines, air-dried to remove water pipeline……

City Anoky Machinery Co。, Ltd。 is located in the beautiful, old times, there Zhucheng hundred counties (cities) in the title, and here is the hometown of Emperor Shun, also known as China's "dinosaur town", railway, highway accessible and strategic location。 Is a ...
First、the quality is guaranteed
    1, all equipment before delivery through the 48-hour test run, all processing steps can be found in the relevant responsible person;
    2、【Solemn promise】Zhucheng Anoky all mechanical equipment as there is absolute。……
Zhucheng Anoky Machinery Co., Ltd.
Phone:15206363189(Qiujing Li)
              15863063788(daijing Li)
AddressZhucheng Rendezvous Street Shug Zhuang Industrial Park
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